Sitco is the one stop solution to for Welding, Cutting, Machining, Lifeline System & Solution and Safety Supply.

All the materials that are used in the production and services of Sitco will go through a performance material test to ensure the materials can operate reliably and in compliance with the safety requirements. We pride ourselves in providing quality products that will satisfy customers while delivering these products at the desired time.

Sitco Welding’s products and services are applicable to a wide range of industries such as Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Metal Fabrication, Pipeline Welding and Jointing, Construction and Heavy Industries.

Welding Consumables

Our supplies one of the most extensive ranges of quality welding consumables.

Welding and Cutting Equipment

Sitco provide you a wide range of welding machines such as pipe cutting, milling, bevelling, flange facing, flange facer, and application support for optimization and production efficiency.

On-site Machining Equipment

Our products comprise a complete range of on-site machining equipment. All machines are designed for portable use and are almost silent in operation. They are simple, safe and quick to operate, and produce very little mess. Our products are designed to fulfill the need of any pipework welding situation.

  • Cold Cutting Machining for Pipe
  • Diamond Wire Services
  • Platform Decommissioning Services
  • Slot Recovery Equipment/Supply

Welding Accessories

Sitco supply welding components beyond durable and precise. With its superior quality, you acquire accurate results from easy visual inspection. The unique design of each components to ensure good and reliable conductivity, durability and flexibility.

  • Electrode Holder
  • Twin Hose
  • Tungsten Electrode
  • Earth Clamp
  • Gouging Carbon
  • Gouging Torch
  • Enhanced Welding Cable
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Welding Blanket
  • Auto Darkening Helmet
  • Bench / Floor Type Oven
  • Quiver
  • Hacksaw blade

Safety Equipments (PPE)

At Welding Industry safety, health and environment protection is of our utmost priority. We offer an extensive range of Protection and Accessories including earplugs, earmuffs, and hygiene sets to help you with noise control regulation to ensure your safety.

  • Head and Face Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Protection Apparels
  • Eye Protection
  • Safety and Welding Glove
  • Impact Glove
  • Safety Glasses
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Safety Shoes

Akrobat is the Working at High specialist and provide services start from the design, engineering & installation eg. fall arrest system, which specialist in lifeline & anchor point, guardrail & walking. They also conduct training sessions for the customers and inspection of the fall protection systems.


Manufacturer of water-soluble welding consumables eg: oxgen monitor, water soluble paper solutions for packaging, labelling and in process needs.


Specialist in technologically advanced solutions for all areas of application. Ranges from traditional products through manual welding systems to robotic and automatic welding systems


Specialist in welding and safety accessories eg. Wire wheel brush, welding cables, bench oven, tig gloves, impact gloves.


On site machining services ranging from minor repairs and adjustments to major repairs and reconstructions.


In field service and custom tool design for cutting solutions to the offshore market


Specialist in environmental solution eg: anti-pollution equipment and system include fume, dust, oil mist for cleaning air in the working environment


A leading brand of coating inspection, jeep meter and tracking equipment.


Specialist in products and solutions for various gas control applications.